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Project Management and Property Transformation go hand in hand. Since 2000, I’ve been managing, directing, and leading multi-million dollar projects in the corporate world.  From strategic technology products to business change and transformation, my skillset is second to none. I focus on driving results using my unique ability to see around corners.

I'm trading in the corporate life to help property owners maximise their sale price and bringing with me the same skills that I’ll use to create a customised plan to design and transform your property for sale or to enjoy.

Get in touch and let's discuss how I can put you on the right path to help you move forward.


November 2019- November 2021


Establish governance, reporting, financial management and project delivery standards for a multi year complex finance system replacement program at a National Property Development company.

April 2019 - October 2019


Program Delivery of a leading broadcast company's core subscription and product changes.

Mar 2018 - Feb 2019


Remediation of a struggling set of projects for a large telecommunications organization.

Jan 2016 - Mar 2018


Provide financial and delivery governance across the IT division of a 10-year National infrastructure project.



In 2006 my wife and I decided to extend our family and were planning our 3rd child. After much searching, we found the ugliest house in the street in the suburb of Willoughby. Inside, it had a nice feel to it, enough space for our growing family and the potential to be renovated in the future.

A friend of ours, had put us onto a builder and in October 2006, as soon as we moved in, we started to work on making changes. Carpets were removed in all rooms and of course, revealed a few issues that we had to now deal with. 

I really had to push this builder to get moving and kept pushing to get finished, all the while, not really knowing what work was to be done and when by other trades like plumbers, electricians, plasterers etc. I just expected him to have this all under control. Whilst the project was finished on time and budget, it taught me a very valuable lesson. My Project Management skills were being used here and I could do way better the next time I had a project like this by getting into more of the details and managing the work.

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Having made a profit from Rowville, we decided to renovate the front of our house in 2012.

I had a new Kiwi builder who had worked on a few minor internal changes over the years since the first builder was not someone I wanted to work with again. The new guy and I had great communication between us and mutual respect. He made a couple of errors here and there, though he was only too happy to fix them. Having gained more and more experience and confidence in renovations and repairs I was ready to tackle these new projects and hoping he was going to be around to tackle them with me. That wasn’t to be as he and his fiance made plans to leave Australia and start a new life in Boston USA. He introduced me to a couple of his builder mates (also Kiwi) and somehow, the connection felt the same.

The boys came over and reviewed the plans for the facade. They pointed out a few things I was not aware of and we worked out a plan to address them. I ordered some new windows which arrived on site 1 week prior to Christmas that year. The boys were ready to start at our place the second week in January. The demolition of the front of the house was booked in for the first week in January. It took 3 blokes just over 2 hours to remove the 2 sunrooms at the front of our house leaving a frame shell.

The boys started work as per the plan and felt very confident that I knew what was meant to happen when it was meant to happen and what sort of risks we might come up against. We had a chat each morning when they arrived and made sure we were on the same page with any work, changes or decisions that were needed. The process worked very well. And we encountered no issues.

Six weeks later, as per the plan, the boys were done.

In 2015 I stretched myself to come up with a new bathroom design. I had never done a bathroom before and this was going to be a great learning experience. I arranged a few quotes through various trades and went with a builder who seemed to know what he was doing.

He arranged the demolition, build-out and tiling. I arranged the plumbing, fittings, vanity and bathtub.

Whilst the end result was fine, I did have to get a number of things corrected throughout the renovation. If these things were not picked up, the end result would have been poor. The project finished 2 weeks behind schedule as the corrections were not something I had planned for. Being my first bathroom renovation, I was fine with the overall learnings and knew that the next time I had a tackle a bathroom, I would be far more equipped to deal with the risks and quality checks that come with it.

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My client was moving into a retirement village and the home was in need of some cosmetic changes to help lift the potential sales price.

I outlined the scope of works and timeframe in which we needed to get the work done. It all went quite smoothly, with a team of trades in Melbourne that I remotely managed. In 4 weeks, we were ready for styling. The photos followed the next day and we were on the market 2 days later.

A number of interested buyers were making decent offers, though the agent believed the best was yet to come. 

When the auction commenced, the reserved price was met within 2 bids. And it didn’t stop there achieving more than $80k above the reserve price. 


A 2 bedroom unit in Ryde was next. Whilst updated in the kitchen, the rest was simply outdated. My plan showed 8 weeks to complete the renovation which included changes to the kitchen, bathroom, flooring, and paint. Having worked with a number of trades now, I had my go-to-guys who knew my expectations. The entire project was completed in 5 weeks with minimal fuss and looked amazing.

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