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Image by Mitchell Luo


The Gold Door

Imagine standing in front of a maze with 2 exits. One leads you to a low sale price (the timber door), the other leads to the highest price (the gold door). And once you go through either door, you can't go back. 

Selling your home is exactly like this. You get just one chance to maximise the sale price, and when it's sold, there's no second chance.

It may be tempting to sell your property as-is, though, without the right preparation and guidance, you will end up at the timber door guaranteed.

More often than not, the cheapest option is actually the most costly option.

Here are 2 examples of clients that made it to the Gold Door.


Prepared for Sale by JETNELSON

This client was about to sell their property of 30 years without any changes to it.  After reviewing their situation, and undertaking a renovation, the property sold for $320,000 more than agents previously advised.



HOUSE 1 - Prepared for Sale by JETNELSON

This client was moving to a retirement village and wanted to maximise the sale price of her home of 35 years.

  • 550sqm block, 70s Brick 

  • 3bed, 1 Bath, house in Melb 

  • Sold at Auction for suburb record $712k

House 1 Numbers


House 2 - Sold without any Preparation

Unfortunately, this owner did not realise the potential in their home.

  • 650 sqm, 70s Brick 

  • 4bed, 2 Bath, house in Melb

  • 5 streets from House 1 above. 

  • Sold at Auction (1hr after House 1) for just $730k


A near miss and a missed Opportunity

In Example 1, even after our fees were taken out, the client was still much better. Had they sold as is, they would have missed out on the additional $249,600 in their pocket.

In example 2, the same agent sold both homes at auction on the same day. The buyer for house 2 paid just $13,000 more for an extra bedroom, bathroom and 100sqm of land in the same suburb as house 1. We can only imagine what the sale price would have been had the home been adequately prepared for sale.

There are no second chances and money was definitely left on the table by this seller.

More often than not, the cheapest option is actually the most costly option.

If you are thinking of selling your home, contact me, and let's discuss how I can help put you on the right path to maximise your sale price.

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