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Developing your Renovation Budget

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Creating a budget for your renovation is the best way to ensure you spend what you can afford and no more. However, developing a budget is no simple task.

It requires a scope of work and design guide to base the budget on. Without this, creating a budget is not "linked" to anything meaningful leaving it open to interpretation and at risk of over run as the renovation progresses.

The JETNELSON detailed budget (example below) is included in the "Planning & Design" and the "Renovate & Transform" packages.

It outlines the high level Scope (Area/Room Column), the work or item that is to be purchased, the budget amount for each item and either a link to the site where the item can be purchased or the name of the company that has quoted for doing that piece of work.

In row 2 below, it clearly shows the work to be done by ABC Pty Ltd on the Garage/Patio area of the client's home based on the quoted cost. This is an important step to validating the budget.

Row 3 and 4 shows the items the client will purchase to enable the work to proceed. The link to purchase the item is included right there for ease of use.

Being independent of builders, tradies and suppliers, I will source the right resources, materials and fittings to ensure you stay within your budget and meet the design requirements for your renovation.


So there is a quick overview of the budget creation template and what is provided to validate the budget.

There are many articles about creating and sticking to budget though most of them have a focus on "how to save on costs" rather than how to stay within a set budget.

If you would like to find discuss your specific project, get in touch today.

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