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Done for You

If you are considering selling your home, a cosmetic renovation is the single most effective way to maximise your sale price.
Almost every home needs some work to make it sale-ready and without that structured purposeful preparation, buyers will look to offer the lowest they can rather than the opposite.
I will design and manage the renovation with a focus on what buyers want. This will ensure your property will be in high demand creating competition between buyers which drives the price up. In many cases, the work can be done in 4-6 weeks.
'Pay on sale' is also available.

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Make it look 'Wow'

A quality renovation doesn't just happen by contacting a builder. It requires a scope and design that covers colour, texture, fittings, lights, floor coverings and blinds to name a few. Each of these items have multiple options and decisions to make to ensure you end up with a quality outcome you are happy with and can afford. Without this important planning & design step, creating a budget and sticking to it is almost impossible.

Interior Designer


Expertly Managed

Creating and managing a budget is one of the most important services I provide. The budget tells you the overall cost of the project. Managing the budget will ensure you know what has been spent, and that there is enough money to finish the project on time. With my budget management skills, you won't join the "we ran out of money" club.

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On Time, Quality and Budget

Project Management is my forte. Keeping a project on track and on budget whilst managing the unknowns that a renovation may bring is what I do best. I'll create and manage a timeline so you'll know how long the project takes and where it's up to. I'll outline a risk management plan to highlight possible problems we may encounter and provide a plan to deal with them. I'll manage the communication between trades, neighbours and strata to ensure any issues are addressed. And I'll provide a weekly progress report so you'll know where the project is up to.

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The Right Resources

Getting 3 quotes may seem simple, though each one will be providing a little more or a little less than the previous. So how do you know which is right? Some people have difficulty saying no or pushing back on unreasonable quotes and the overall cost is just one element amongst many to consider. I'll bring in professional trades with the correct insurances and the right attitude. And I'll hold them accountable by making sure they start and finish on time and produce the right level of quality.



Apartment Renovations

Renovating a strata apartment is very different from renovating a house. There are laws and bi-laws that govern what you can and can't do and what you do and don't need approval for. I have detailed knowledge and experience in this space and will help guide your project to success. A bathroom renovation in a strata unit can take 2 weeks or  6 months depending on what you are changing. If you have never renovated a strata apartment before, contact me to find out how I can help you.

Apartment Buildings


Invest with Confidence

When buying an investment property there's more to it than the purchase price and what it can rent for. I'll prepare an outline of all costs involved along with what to spend on improvements and what to avoid to keep your investment sound.

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