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This example timeline shows the order, major stages, and points to keep in mind when selling your home. Take note of the approx 18 week period from when you decide to sell to the funds being available in your bank account. And most importantly, the stage where the sale price is maximised. The right guidance during the planning and renovation period will maximise your sale price.

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An overview of the major stages and time periods involved in selling your property.


Weeks 1-2

During this stage, together, we will explore your needs, possible solutions, determine what changes are required to the property, and agree on a way forward.


Weeks 3-8

During this stage, the property is transformed through design, materials purchase and management of qualified tradespeople. This is the most critical stage to attracting a premium sale price. A quick basic update will only attract basic offers. Towards the end of this stage, engage a real estate agent to market and sell the property and solicitor to prepare the contract of sale. The final step is staging the property ready for photos.


Week 9

During this stage, photos are taken and edited for both online marketing, brochures, and signboard. The property is listed for sale on major real estate platforms. An auctioneer is booked if required.


Weeks 10-12

During this stage, your agent will host open for inspections, take buyers through the property for subsequent inspections, and receive offers to present for your consideration. If not sold prior, the property goes to auction. Signboard updated with SOLD sticker!


Weeks 13-18

During this period, the buyer's bank will finalise the details to formally purchase the property and you as the seller will be preparing to vacate. On settlement day, the purchaser's solicitor, bank, and your solicitor will come together to "settle" on the property which results in the official transfer of title from you to the new owners. Once completed, the funds will be available in your bank account and your agent will hand over the keys to the new owner.

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