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Renovation Project Management

Whether you're renovating your dream home or preparing for sale, I’ll provide you with sound professional guidance every step of the way. I'm independent of tradies, builders, suppliers & real estate agents so I advocate for you to achieve the best possible outcome whilst ensuring you are not taken advantage of or misled throughout the process. With a solid background in project management, I'm passionate about helping owners to renovate to achieve quality results, on time and within their budget


Clients usually engage me to drive and manage any of the following;



  • Helping them make decisions to move forward with renovations or major repairs

  • Outlining the scope of work (what is required vs not)

  • Independent advice to avoid being misled


  • Gain confidence in their design, budget and tradies.

  • Preparing Design Guides (what fittings and finishes to use)

  • Sourcing fittings, tiles, vanities etc.

  • Finding qualified builders or tradies

  • Protecting clients from unqualified, unprofessional operators

  • Reviewing quotes for accuracy, completeness, and cost fairness

  • Interpreting and comparing quotes from builders and tradies

  • Preparing overall project budget


  • Don't have time or need it done without the stress

  • Managing the builder or tradies to ensure work is completed on time and to the correct standard

  • Managing timeframes/schedules

  • Managing the overall budget

  • Risk planning and management

  • Resolving variations or unplanned work requests (things that were not expected)

  • Resolving corrections to incomplete or poor quality work

  • Communication with builders, tradies and neighbours


  • Managing failed or stalled renovations to completion

  • Finding and replacing builders or tradies

  • Discussing options in plain English

  • Remediation of budget, scope or timeframe blowouts.


Many people think it's easy

For those inexperienced in renovations, the process might logically seem like this;

  • Find a builder or tradies

  • Get quotes

  • Pick the best quote

  • Get the work done

  • Pay the invoices

However, there are so many more steps, decisions and pitfalls before, after, and within each of those items above which I will guide you through. Many of which have risks that trip up owners every day causing delays, budget blowouts, quality issues and rework.

If you have never undertaken a renovation before, trying to do it yourself, for the first time, on your most valuable asset is very risky. It's not as simple as what you see on TV.  Taking on too much too soon is a common mistake and you may quickly find yourself in a stressful situation. And when things go wrong, you need someone experienced in your corner to get back on track.

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Whether you have dealt with them before or not, here are some of the common complaints about builders and tradies that our service helps to overcome;

  • Couldn't get them to respond or just didn't show up

  • Couldn't get a written quote or tell if it covers the right work

  • Couldn't compare the quotes - too hard or didn't understand it

  • Couldn't tell if reasonably priced

  • General communication was poor

  • Don't know when they will start

  • They've started but not finished

  • They said I need all this extra work done

  • It's not what I asked for or wanted

  • I've paid them and they haven't fixed it or finished

  • Didn't know GST was excluded

  • They said it was less if I paid in cash

  • The bill was more than the quote

  • I didn't know 'something' was extra

The list goes on. Don't get me wrong, there are many great tradies out there and I have worked with both ends of the spectrum from dismal fails to superstars. Finding good operators is much harder than making a phone call. It requires a systematic process.

As an independent advocate for you and your renovation, I will find the right trades, ensure written quotes make sense, verify their credentials, processes, and standards and ensure they follow through to complete the work to the right level of quality.


Choose from 4 simple packages for renovations or major repairs


Assess & Suggest

Don't know where to start? Assess & Suggest gives you an affordable independent overview of what's involved, the rough budget required, and approx duration so you avoid being misled.


  • Meeting to understand your needs

  • Review of property

  • Prioritised scope of works

  • High-Level Budget Required

  • High-Level Timeframes involved

  • List of Trades required for the work


Design & Plan

Need to move forward? Design & Plan gets into the details so you gain confidence in the cost, builders/tradies that do the work, and what fittings, finishes, and colours you want.


  • Planning Meetings

  • Prioritised scope of works

  • 1 Design Guide (what fittings and finishes to use)

  • Finding qualified builders/tradies

  • Obtain written quotes

  • Review & compare quotes for accuracy & cost fairness

  • Ref check builders/tradies

  • Create a detailed budget with links to fittings, tiles, vanities etc.

  • Develop high level project schedule


Renovate & Transform

Need it done but don't have time, don't want the stress, or just want an independent point of contact to keep it all on track? Renovate & Transform is for you.


  • Design & Plan plus

  • Managing builder/tradies to ensure work is to standard

  • Managing timeframes & dependencies

  • Managing overall budget

  • Risk planning and management

  • Resolving issues & variations (things that were not expected)

  • Resolving corrections to incomplete or sub quality work

  • Communication with builders, tradies and neighbours

  • Discussing options in plain English

  • Weekly Status & Budget Reporting

  • Quality progress checking

  • Advising when to pay invoices


Renovation Recovery

Started, stopped, failed, or unsure? Renovation Recovery gets you back on track. (You may need independent legal advice first)


  • Assessment of completed works

  • Review of work to be completed

  • Review of scope

  • Review of budget, actuals, and remaining forecasts

  • Discussing options in plain English

  • Negotiation with current builders/tradies on a path forward

  • Replacement of builder/tradies as required

  • Update of scope

  • Update of budget (including new quotes)

  • Update of timeline

  • Restart and monitoring to completion

  • Weekly Status & Budget Reporting

  • Quality progress checking

  • Advising when to pay invoices

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From clients to tradespeople and real estate agents, there are many people to support when renovating or preparing for sale.
See what they have to say...

Get in touch today and let's discuss how I can help put you on the best path to move forward

Thanks Kendall for your overall project oversight, your attention to detail, your close monitoring of costs, management of sequencing and dependencies along with the time-saving suggestions on product sourcing.

Client - St Ives

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