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Hobart's Presale Renovation Specialists

We're passionate about helping owners maximise the sale price of their property. And, we’re independent of real estate agents, tradies, builders, & suppliers so we advocate for you to achieve a maximised sale price whilst ensuring you are not taken advantage of or misled throughout the process. 
If you are considering selling your home, a cosmetic renovation is the single most effective way to maximise your sale price.
Without this, buyers will offer the lowest they can rather than the opposite.


Our independent service aims to help owners who are in 1 or more of the following categories

  • Haven’t sold a property before or maybe it was a long time ago

  • Not aware of their property's potential

  • Don't have the time or money to prepare for sale

  • Emotionally invested

  • Overwhelmed or don't want the stress

  • Don't have renovation experience

  • Have heard stories of it all going wrong

  • Don't know where to start

  • Worried about being taken advantage of

  • Agent/friends/relatives say it would take too long, cost too much, or isn't needed​

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A presale renovation will transform your home into a standout product leaving a lasting impression on buyers. It's at the renovation stage where the sale price is maximised (not the sale stage) as the property is transformed into a product that buyers will make an emotional connection with and pay a premium to secure.


  • Independent research into sales in your area

  • All planning to uplift the value of your property

  • Design for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms

  • Engage and manage all professional insured trades

  • All project & budget management

  • Handle communication with neighbours

  • All painting, flooring, blinds electrical and plumbing

  • All tiles, fittings, vanities, mirrors, toilets, shower screens and bathtubs.

  • Gardens, fences, patios, and exterior painting

  • Check for quality and ensure any corrections are completed

  • Professional Staging

  • Handover to real estate agent (we can support you here also)


Extending your home up or out is something we don’t do for presale, mainly due to the time and cost involved, so we focus on the existing areas to ensure they stand out in the right way and generate emotional excitement from potential buyers.
We also don’t add pools or granny flats though if there is potential for these, we’ll be sure to let your agent know to include this as a selling point.


By far, the most common mistake owners make is engaging a real estate agent too early. Most people believe a real estate agent gets you the highest possible price, so they contact them as the first step. The reality is, the right preparation gets you the highest price.


Around 95% of an agent's commission is guaranteed by the fact that your property already has a basic “as-is” value.

Our research has shown that a renovated property adds tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars extra for you, whilst only a few hundred more to your agent. And, unless they own the business, agents usually only receive 50% of the total commission.

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So there’s no incentive for them to guide you to renovate before selling as it just delays their commission.

Their guidance will be to declutter, touch up the paint, and tidy the gardens. All useful (and quick) things that are nowhere near enough to help you achieve the maximum possible sale price.

Very few agents will have the design knowledge or skills to transform your property for sale to achieve a maximised price.

Their expertise is in the negotiation and sale process itself.


Here are some examples of before and afters. In most cases, the real estate agent just wanted to get the property on the market and sell it as is. This would have guaranteed the owner a lower sale price and thankfully, we were able to prevent that.


This house was untouched for over 30 years. Broken roof tiles, rotting timbers with an overgrown garden. The time spent on planning and design paid off and paved the way for a tasteful transformation with a modern colour palette.

AGENT Valuation Pre Renovation: $1.8m

SOLD After Renovation: $2.1m


This loungeroom suffered years of smoke damage from the previous owner. The right design, planning and trades, transformed this unloved and dated loungeroom into a modern showpiece within weeks.

PRIOR to Renovation: 30 days without a buyer

AFTER Renovation: SOLD in 10 days


With water-damaged cabinets, an old cooker, limited storage and benchspace, this 70s kitchen needed an overhaul. It was stripped back to an empty room before the transformation could begin. The result was sleek and sophisticated.

AGENT Valuation Pre Renovation: $785k

SOLD After Renovation: $1.0m


Functional yet dated, this modest bathroom went from tired to the hero of this modern apartment in just 5 weeks.

AGENT Valuation Pre Renovation: $520k

SOLD After Renovation: $620k


Old carpet, peach coloured walls and wallpaper had dated this room. With new lux flooring, light grey walls, new window coverings, and new lighting, the Master Bedroom was back.

Renovation Planned Time: 14 Weeks

Actual Renovation Time: 12 Weeks

Image by Luis Villasmil


Being independent presale renovation specialists, we have developed a system to transform properties within 5-10 weeks, unlocking your property's potential to attract buyers willing to pay premium prices.

Using our strict processes, we manage the entire design and renovation for you using professional insured trades making your property look its absolute best. Our “done-for-you” renovation service will boost your ability to achieve a maximum sale price with payment only when the property is sold* (*conditions apply).

Once we are 2 weeks from completion, we’ll remind you to engage a real estate agent of your choice or use our free guidance process to help you choose one.

Contact us for a no-obligation free consultation about this how this might help you move forward with your next chapter in life and provide a beautiful home for another family.

Flexible Payment Planning


With increasing inflation and interest rates, like many owners, you may not have the funds available for a presale renovation. We offer a "pay on sale" solution to qualified clients. If you qualify, we can discuss how your property can be renovated and sold with our fees paid only on sale. Your property will be transformed for you and sold at a maximised price without finance as a barrier to moving forward.


I love selling property, I do detail, I don’t do shortcuts…it's not my style. I’ve won endurance races and have been a bear guard in the Arctic.

I’ve built, fixed plumbing, resurrected gardens, painted and I’ve put power tools to good use, but I don’t do ironing. The array is as vast as passion for the mundane and the exceptional. I still recall the exact moment when it dawned on me - the lost potential when a property goes to an agent looking less than its absolute best. ‘Why doesn’t everyone sell their property like this?'. I now walk this path to help people like you maximise that potential to make sure they win. If you don’t win, I’m not winning, and I like winning! And I really like helping others win.



My work involves people and stories.  We are complicated animals.  We think other people’s lives couldn’t be as manic as ours.  We have a story even if we’ve never listened to it.  We despise taxes and we dream of owning our own home.  But we don’t dream of selling our own home. My personality test says I’m an “advocate” - a person who’s inner vision, values and personal fulfillment light up from being a force of good to make someone else’s life better.

I want the sale of your property to light up your life just like the day you bought it. My job: learn your story, frame your property sale to that narrative so it's memorable for the right reasons.  It’s time to start dreaming again.



Many people don't know, that back in 2011, I sold my first home in Melb for what I thought was a good price. It turns out, I left money on the table. The guidance from the real estate agent was enough to sell the property and get him a fast commission, though it was not enough to maximise the sale price. Had there been someone to guide me in transforming the property in a holistic and consistent manner, I could have achieved a much better price. A few years and renovations later, after hearing similar stories, I’ve decided to use that lost opportunity to help others. Since 2018, I have been developing my knowledge and experience to help others avoid the same mistake I made when selling.




Many people contact a local real estate agent as the first step. 
However, engaging them too early can be a costly mistake. Extracting the highest price for your property involves more than fast basic updates. The right time to engage an agent is 2 weeks before your renovation is complete.


From clients to tradespeople and real estate agents, there are many people to support when preparing for sale.
See what they have to say...

Get in touch today and let's discuss how we can help put you on the best path to move forward.

If we simply sold our house as is, we would have missed out on an additional $250k.

The renovation guidance, knowledge, and effort from Kendall was fantastic. We couldn't have done that on our own.

The house never looked so good which helped bring many buyers and push the price up at auction.

Client - Naremburn

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