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Preparing your Property for Sale

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Preparing your property for sale is the most important part of the entire sales process. It requires more than decluttering, painting and tidying the gardens. A presale renovation will transform your home into a standout product leaving a lasting impression with buyers. Your agent will probably also bring you multiple offers which is a great sign of buyer competition.

Premium Price created

It's at the renovation stage where the sale price is maximised (not at the sale stage) as the property is transformed into a product that buyers will make an emotional connection with and pay a premium to secure. A quick and basic low-scale update (unfortunately recommended by many agents) won't extract the same emotional connection or the highest possible price and you only get one chance to get this right.


Buyers who pay a premium want a modern, consistent, turn-key property they can move straight into. Along with any necessary repairs, this consistency starts from the street appeal and runs throughout each room in the property finishing with any outdoor space. This typically includes light fittings, window coverings, flooring, a modern colour scheme and modern fittings to kitchens and bathrooms.


The right design, planning, and team can get your presale renovation done in as little as 4-6 weeks. If the property requires more extensive work, prioritising the budget will ensure the largest buyer objections are taken care of first.


To avoid overcapitalising, the average budget for a renovation must be no more than 6% of the current property value. You can determine the current value by looking at sold properties in your area that are similar to yours. Be sure to compare land size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces along with how the property is presented. Make sure you only look at the last 3-4 months of sales as anything earlier may set you up with the wrong price expectation.


Doing only part of the preparation work is like doing parts of a jigsaw puzzle. It will look unfinished and disconnected and attract low offers. This is also not the time to learn about or experiment with DIY as the timeframe and quality needed to achieve a premium sale price are unlikely to be achieved by a first-time renovator.


So there's a few points to consider when preparing for sale.

Get in contact if you would like to learn more or would like some help to get on the right path

Find out why we recommend a Presale renovation BEFORE you contact an agent so you can have the best chance of maximising your sale price.

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